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Creators React To New Social Media Paradigm: ‘I’m Employing A Diversified Approach’

ByRenato Capelj

Nov 8, 2022
Creators React To New Social Media Paradigm: 'I'm Employing A Diversified Approach'


In late October, entrepreneur Elon Musk completed his $44-billion acquisition of Twitter.

Since then, creators have mulled the impacts. Some creators are hedging their bets by posting more on other social media platforms.

We spoke with creators Chris Wilson, Aaron Fuller, Gabby Murray, Bri Ward, Sadie Crowell, G4rnish, and Amélie Tremblay to learn more.

The following text was edited for clarity and concision.

BZ: Nice to meet you, all! Care to start off with a discussion on your background?

Wilson: I am an influencer specializing in fitness and lifestyle. Over two years, I accumulated about 1.7 million followers. Beyond this, I am a champion wrestler and contender in Maryland. My aim is to inspire people to become the best version of themselves.

Fuller: I have a passion for all things show business. My content covers everything including skincare, lifestyle, advice, daily trends and comedy sketches. I use social media as a tool to creatively express myself and uplift others.

Murray: I’m a Florida-based creator in lifestyle, beauty, transitions and behind-the-scenes. A focus of my content — which is mostly 15-to 60-second videos — is pushing the boundaries of what short-form content can be.

Ward: I’m currently in Miami and have been creating content in beauty and fashion since age 20. I love being able to help and inspire people to be more confident in themselves.

Crowell: I am a 19-year-old female YouTuber and podcast host. Having grown up in the South and seeking to live a so-called normal lifestyle makes me more relatable to my audience, hence my growing followership.

G4rnish: I’m Garrett, better known as G4rnish, a full-time LGBT streamer from Pittsburgh. I’m passionate about gaming and creating a community for LGBT members to enjoy games and pop culture. Leveraging experiences through which my viewers are able to interact with me, such as polls predicting the outcomes of games, I am able to create meaningful connections.

Tremblay: Born and raised in the French part of Quebec, Canada, and I have lived in over eight countries since I was 15 years old. I’m signed with The Lions in New York agency and have been an artist all my life. Separately, I am obsessed with computers; I taught myself graphic design and editing on a professional level; I have been working on video projects for others.

My content is focused on fashion which ties in well with my work as a model; I have unique perspective having worked with Lemme, Kourtney Kardashian’s product line, as well as Cosmopolitan starring the likes of Sydney Sweeney, Calvin Klein and Irina Shayk.

How do you monetize your ideas and content?

Wilson: In short, I promote various brands, clothing, and supplements.

Fuller: I may produce content for any brand and niche, and be paid for that.

Murray: I don’t generally create short-form content with monetization in mind. With that said, doing what I love has opened that door and I’m appreciative of the opportunity.

Ward: Most of my monetization comes from affiliate links through which I receive a commission.

Crowell: I monetize my videos and online presence through advertisements. My biggest revenue stream comes from merchandise sales, however.

G4rnish: Sponsorships, as well as Patreon alternatives like Ko-fi. Beyond that, my audience can pay a monthly fee to get access to my workout plans, behind-the-scenes content and upcoming projects. Also, I sell coaching services to videogamers.

Tremblay: I’ll get requests for video edits and work with brands that I love and suit my aesthetic.

Do you have any tips for other creators trying to do the same?

Wilson: Never give up, it only takes one viral video.

Fuller: Be consistent and have tenacity. Follow your heart and the audience will come. Allow yourself to be inspired by others while keeping your unique perspective.

Murray: Focus on your craft and learn from those you admire. Don’t have lofty expectations and focus on creating content you are proud of. The rest will follow.

Ward: Be authentic and consistent. Adhere to a schedule and post as often as you can.

Crowell: Passion was crucial for me. Find what you want to focus on, and just push it as much as you can.

G4rnish: If you are an expert, offer your audience one-on-one teaching or create a course. If you have a dedicated audience, create a merchandise line that you would wear too. Give viewers the option to give donations or subscribe for extra content. Try things out.

Tremblay: Consistency is key but also sticking to your personal sense of style and ideas. Test and find what feels right. Also, don’t let people’s opinions interfere or try to direct you on a different path.

What will you be focusing on in the coming months, particularly given the Twitter buy? Is there any way you will be hedging your bets?

Wilson: I’m perfecting my physique for an upcoming YouTube series.

Fuller: I’m focused on diversifying through companies I am starting, as well as vlogging my life. Also, I am revamping my social media for my 1.1 million followers.

Murray: I’m employing a diversified approach. My audience and the algorithms, across each of the platforms, are different. I will continue to push the boundaries on what short-form content can be, accordingly. I will also continue to pursue acting, a true passion of mine.

Ward: I will be focusing on expanding my audience and posting more frequently. I want to continue helping people find looks they might not have known about otherwise.

Crowell: After three years of video making, all I can say is that my focus is on consistency.

G4rnish: It’s time I expand and branch into becoming an influencer, posting on other social media more often and creating a larger presence.

Tremblay: I’m seeking to merge my creativity and experiences into a monetizable brand.


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