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I Have Never Been So Certain Of Anything As I Am Of This!

ByBen Sturgill

Aug 10, 2022
I Have Never Been So Certain Of Anything As I Am Of This!


What’s happenin’ friends?

I am not a confrontational man, no.

But I am intensely competitive! 

That’s why I’ve got a fire in my belly for what I am about to share with you.

But before I continue, tell me something market-related that you feel this next picture most closely resembles:

If you said it resembles the intra-day volume and volatility configuration of the S&P 500, then YOU GET A COOKIE!

Here’s a real-world example from just last week:

SPY chart

That means your best opportunities to get set up for the market’s most aggressive action of the day occur right after the cash market (i.e., not futures) open and before the cash market close.

And that’s why I am so excited about the TWO-MAN team that Raging Bull is putting together to help you deploy hyper-focused, deliberately-timed trading strategies during these time frames.

Friends, Raging Bull has just given me, Ben Sturgill, former professional basketball player and a top stock trading guru for the past 3 years, approval to team up with Davis Martin, a 6-year Raging Bull veteran!

ben sturgill and davis martin graphic

Why is this significant?

Because, out of all of Raging Bull’s gurus, we are the two gurus with specialized market open and market close trading strategies. 

Wire-2-Wire package brings you nothing but trading ideas that are

– Hyper focused

– Directionally agnostic  

– Ultra efficient


Do you think Davis and I would still be here AFTER ALL THESE YEARS if we weren’t consistently developing strategies and helping members develop and improve their own. 

These are the PROS, baby!

And like the pros, where players CONSTANTLY see their contracts go bye-bye when they underperform, Davis and I STRIVE to produce results on a daily basis.

Look, I AM CERTAIN that this service will help you learn how to trade at the most active times of day…

So at 8PM tomorrow night, Jeff Bishop, Raging Bull’s CEO, is going to be hosting one of the company’s FAMOUS all-hands events to let you in on a special that will make you part of our team.

announcement card

In case you weren’t aware, Thursday night is Friday eve, which means it’s time to start celebrating…

And Jeff’s going to be celebrating by offering a combined package that consists of my uber-popular Mobile Closer and Davis’ Market Navigator services.

But you must sign up here before the party’s over.


Image and article originally from ragingbull.com. Read the original article here.