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MEME stocks Drag Down Market and My Trade Alert Rockets!!!

ByJeff Bishop

Aug 23, 2022
MEME stocks Drag Down Market and My Trade Alert Rockets!!!


I called this market selloff last week, so if you were still holding MEME trash, well, then that’s a trading lesson for you. I warned that MEME stocks were probably about to get the Kibosh HERE, and I made AMAZON (AMZN) my Bullseye High Conviction short last Monday HERE. I’m not Nostradamus; I’ve just seen this setup play out over and over again in my 20 years of trading.

Because of this, when my High Octane Scanner Alerted a Bearish signal on Paypal (PYPL) on Thursday, I was ready to pull the trigger quickly and sent out an Alert to Total Alpha subscribers. Here’s what it looked like on the Raging Bull App:

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If they missed the App alert, Total Alpha subscribers got it in their E-mail.

Total Alpha Email

And Here’s What Happened to those options:

PYPL stock increase graphic

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Jeff walking through the city

You’re only as good as the stocks you trade. No matter how good your trading skills or stock analysis, if you’re not in the right stocks, at the right time, you’re going to struggle. 

I’ve been working with my programmers here at Raging Bull to develop an improved scanner for my strategies. So when it fired an alert off on PYPL, I was licking my lips. I was bearish on the market, I was bearish on MEME stocks, so when the scanner showed weakness in PYPL I didn’t hesitate. 

Here’s the High Octane Scanner alert I saw:

High Octane Scanner alert

I then sent out the Alert as I made the trade to All Total Alpha subscribers, this is what it looks like in the Raging Bull Trader Dashboard:

trade alerts

And then this is what happened to the stock:

PYPL chart

Nice Move! Now compare that to what the Options did:

PYPL stock increase graphic

That’s an 80% move in less than 3 days. And all our subscribers at Total Alpha were alerted to this trade.!

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Image and article originally from ragingbull.com. Read the original article here.