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A Trading Strategy that really works. – Trading Strategies – 3 August 2022


Aug 3, 2022
A Trading Strategy that really works.


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About me

With over 25 years of software architecture and development experience, Squawk has already solved your trading problems before you were even introduced to him. 

While working for Corporate America,  Squawk found great success in the financial industry serving to design software tools for day traders and Hedge Funds.  This experience has provided him with a rare insight of how Hedge Funds and other institutional investors maneuver money through the financial markets with great success. 

Fast Forward to today, Squawk  quit his 6-figure salary job and has become a successful full-time trader who fully relies on his creation, The Lightning Bolt Strategy,  to continuously execute profitable trades. Squawk genuinely wants you to have the same success and has provided a full forex-trading system to get you there. 


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