• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Almanac Trader — Buy Yom Kippur Lines Up with Almanac Aggregate…


Oct 5, 2022


The market may not be down during
the Sell Rosh Hashanah/Buy Yom Kippur period which ends today on Yom Kippur 2022.
But it sure was a wild ride. Most importantly it lines up perfectly with our Almanac
Aggregate Cycle. Back in mid-August this Aggregate
Cycle called the end
of the summer rally
and now it’s pointing to a big move higher.

You can check the full
Sell Rosh Hashanah, Buy Yom Kippur, Sell Passover in our September 23
post, but here’s a reminder of the awesome history of rallies from midterm year
Yom Kippur to pre-election Passover. DJIA p 10 of 12, average gain 12.0%.


Welcome to the Sweet Spot of the 4-Year cycle – the best
buying opportunity of the 4-Year Cycle.



Image and article originally from jeffhirsch.tumblr.com. Read the original article here.