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Bulls Set A New High


Aug 19, 2022
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Bullish sentiment continued its recent run of increases according to the weekly AAII individual investor sentiment survey. Hitting 33.3% this week, bulls are at the highest level since the last week of 2021. That 2022 is nearly 2/3 complete and we still haven’t seen a bullish reading over 33.3% tells you how negative investors have been this year.

AAII Bullish Sentiment: 2009-2022

AAII Bullish Sentiment: 2009-2022 (Author)

Bears also ticked up this week reaching 37.2% versus 36.7% last week. While bearish sentiment has only been below 40% for three weeks in a row, that is the longest stretch of sub-40% readings since the start of the year.

AAII Bearish Sentiment: 2009-2022

AAII Bearish Sentiment: 2009-2022 (Author)

With more bears than bulls once again this week, the bull-bear spread has now been negative for 20 straight weeks.

Consecutive Weeks With A Negative Bull-Bear Spread

Consecutive Weeks With A Negative Bull-Bear Spread (Author)

With both bulls and bears higher, neutral sentiment was the only reading to fall this week. Neutral sentiment dropped 1.7 percentage points from 31.2% down to 29.5%. That was only the lowest reading in four weeks as neutral sentiment sits the closest to its historical average of 31.4%.

AAII Neutral Sentiment: 2009-2022

AAII Neutral Sentiment: 2009-2022 (Author)

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