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Central Bank Wars by Monetary Policy


Aug 8, 2022
Foreign Currency Futures


What does it mean to be a country with “Monetary Sovereignty”? In short, it’s a country that has the power to exercise exclusive legal control over their currency. This equates to having a monopoly over their money supply, like the United States and Japan.

Exchange rates between foreign currencies are traded immensely every day. They greatly affect interest rate decisions, and the impact on import/export surpluses or deficits. CME Group’s foreign currency futures are efficient and transparent markets that provide a host of opportunities for traders.

Watch NinjaTrader’s Jim Cagnina and special guest Jim Iuorio for an in-depth analysis of British Pound and Euro FX in anticipation of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Summary in a recent episode of “See the Futures”.

Topics discussed include

  • Discussion of the Bank of England interest rate policy and its potential impact on futures markets
  • A look into the September Fed meeting and the possible outcomes
  • Which critical commodities had recent price drop and why it matters to traders?
  • Charting, technical analysis, and trade setups of futures products on the move including, Gold, the 10-Year Treasury Note, the Euro, and the Aussie Dollar 2
  • What is the impact on the futures markets from the recent “wrap up” of the current stocks earning season?
  • A review of important reports on the horizon, including the Jobs Report and the Consumer Price Index Report

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