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How Will Midterm Election Results Affect the Markets and Stock Index Futures?


Nov 17, 2022
Campaign Stickers that say "Midterm Elections" on them


The U.S. midterm elections were held on Tuesday, November 8th. The full impact of the elections was unclear until a week later, when control of the House of Representatives flipped from Democrat to Republican.While still waiting for those final results, Bob Iaccino joined NinjaTrader’s Jim Cagnina on an episode of “See the Futures.” They discussed the historical impact that a gridlocked Congress has had on the stock market, and how the election results could affect stock index futures.

What to Watch for in the Futures Markets Following the Midterm Elections

Additional topics covered in the livestream include:

  • A view into Bob’s position on crude oil futures and his rules for trading
  • An explanation of what the Producer Price Index (PPI) means to the markets
  • An examination of the Fed’s strategy in combating inflation; the question is not how much to raise rates, but for how long?
  • An interpretation of earnings for retail companies, and what that could mean for the economy
  • Charting and technical analysis of crude oil futures on daily and weekly timeframes

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