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I am turning my $45 Trading account to $4500 with in a year – Trading Strategies – 30 July 2022


Jul 31, 2022
I am turning my $45 Trading account to  $4500 with in a year


Greeting from Dhaka . My name is Max , I am originally from Bangladesh , but i am  Chinese resident , i have been living in china since 2011, Due to the lockdown I have been trapped to Dhaka and unable to go back to china due to the extremely high air ticket price and covid 19  travel restriction , I was working on multiple  trading strategy   since march 2020 , after two years of testing , now i am confident enough to implement that to real live account . I have been trading currency since 2010 but i was always working with large account with extremely low leverage . the open secrets is this , in order to be successful in trading  you have to meet any of the two requirement ,

A. you have to be very very sharp and accurate


B. you must a bigger account(ideal money which you can afford to lose ) with extremely lower leverage . 

to become sharps and accurate it needs years of education practice and many many tools which are not really that cheap and it also takes very very long time . my case it took me around 7 years to to recover all my losses during learning stage , I did blown up my trading account multiple times until 2016 .

on the other hand  most people do not have the luxury to starting a trading account with larger deposit  with extremely lower leverage , my research says that only 18.25% of world population have a savings of 25,000 usd . which they can afford to lose or risk , trading is all about taking risk . and a trader or investor should only risk the money which he or she can afford to lose .   that is the reason i come up with a unique idea with a working strategy where an individual person can start growing his/her trading account just by following me .  and it would not need huge some of money to start  all you will need is around $100 to start . actually not $100 . i born in the year of 88 and Chinese people believe that 8 is the lucky number so i have designed the whole thing where any one can start with as low as $88 .

Let me help you to understand this :

I started this Trading account with $45, if you are following me from the beginning you will be growing with me . 

$45 to start a ECN account . there tons of broker i would suggest Roboforex , Exness , icmarkets 

currently my subscription price is $38

you can get a good VPS from $5  for uninterrupted service  . and that’s makes the start up cost of $45+$38+$5= $88 . if you dare to risk $88 you can have try . i am very much confident that i will be  turning over this account to $1000 before December .  

My current trade setup is following : 

started account with $45

current leverage: 1:500

Base currency : USD

current trading Lot size : 0.01 

Average Pips value : $0.10


Average T/P 10-25 Pips

Average S/L we don’t use at the moment . but we do close trade manually . as soon as the account reach to $500 usd there will be stop loss .

Basic risk management :

Things we don’t do:

we do not open same currency pair more then once . 

do not hold the position if it moves against us more then 100 pips 

we do not open more then 5 trade at once 

always avoid market volatility 

we do not add up position or open new trade blindly . 

we do not follow other traders . 

Things we do :

always read and understand market data . 

always trade what we see , not what we feel .

we always try to reduce the risk .

always read multiple chart and time frame .

we always prepare yourself mentally to deal with bad days . 

if we hit multiple loss same day we take break . and many more … 

if you find find this signal interesting and do have question or want to advice us feel free to contact me via

Telegram : beingyohan

whatsapp: +8801877988898 

instagram : beingyohan 

My channel  https://t.me/GrowBig5

 i assume the above statement already given clear idea about managing risk . it should also give you clear information about discipline and basic trading rules . now lets see some report about risk and dropdown and profitability


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