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Kim Jong Un’s Mouthpiece Slams Japan For Its Military Build-Up: ‘Wrong And Dangerous Choice’

ByNavdeep Yadav

Dec 20, 2022
Kim Jong Un's Mouthpiece Slams Japan For Its Military Build-Up: 'Wrong And Dangerous Choice'


Kim Jong Un‘s mouthpiece slammed Japan on Tuesday for its new security strategy and warned of military actions.

What Happened: Days after Tokyo unveiled its biggest military build-up since World War II, a North Korean foreign ministry spokesperson condemned Japan’s “wrong and dangerous choice” to bolster its defense sector. 

The spokesperson said Japan’s security strategy effectively formalized a “new aggression policy” that would create a “serious security crisis on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia.”

“We will continue to demonstrate through practical actions how much we are concerned and displeased with Japan’s unjust and greedy attempts to realize its ambitions,” the spokesperson said in a statement carried by KCNA, the state news agency.

Last week, Tokyo unveiled a new $320 billion security strategy that outlined plans for its military to mount “counter-strike capabilities” and respond to the threats amid tensions with China, Russia and North Korea.

The new sweeping, five-year military policy would set Japan as the world’s third-largest military spender after the U.S. and China.

Meanwhile, Pyongyang also blasted the U.S. for “exalting and instigating Japan’s rearmament and re-invasion plan.” 

North Korea, on Monday, said it conducted an “important final-stage test” test on Sunday for developing a spy satellite — expected to be completed by April 2023. It also released two low-resolution, black-and-white images of Seoul and its nearby port city of Incheon, which it claimed were taken during the test launch.

South Korea would “cry out for some kind of international cooperation and try hard to impose additional sanctions on us,” Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of the North Korean leader, said, slamming the neighbor.


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