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Mean Reversion Supply Demand Analysis – Trading Systems – 25 July 2022


Jul 26, 2022
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Mean reversion is a science to explain the turning point in Forex and Stock market. Mean reversion also provides a great explanation behind the Supply Demand Analysis. This article provides some guide for mean reversion supply demand indicator. Mean Reversion Supply Demand is an excellent tool to trade the supply and demand zone in Forex and Stock market. You can use the tool with multiple timeframe analysis. In addition, it can detect the trading zone where you can set stop loss and take profit target at most efficient price. Simply speaking, any support and resistance trader can use this Mean Reversion Supply Demand Indicator. Even any chart pattern or price pattern trader can use this Mean Reversion Supply Demand Indicator.

Mean Reversion Supply Demand indicator has “Strength at Origin” input. This input is the same and corresponding input described by Sam Seiden. You can consider the Strenth at Origin as the speed of the price movement. Therefore, “Strength at Origin” input can be range from 2 to 10. Higher the number you choose, you will filter out the less obvious supply and demand pattern. However, with higher number of Strength at origin, you will see less number of supply demand zone to trade as you are applying more strict filter. This means that you will see less number of supply and demand trading zone when you use Strength at Origin = 8 comparing to Strength at Origin = 3.

If you are new to the supply demand analysis, then it might good to choose the Strengh at Origin to 5 or more. However, if you are using any secondary confiramtion, then you can use the Strengh at Origin 2 or 3. Of course, if you know what you are doing, then you can always choose any Strength at Origin as you wish.

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