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Micro Futures – Bite-Sized Opportunities for Traders


Jul 24, 2022
Micro Futures – Bite-Sized Opportunities for Traders


Over the past several years, the marketplace witnessed a variety of smaller-sized futures products, designed specifically to better accommodate the individual trader. Did you know the CME Group offers Micro E-minis covering the stock indices, Micro Bitcoin, Micro Crude Oil and even Micro Treasury Yields?

Watch NinjaTrader’s Jim Cagnina and special guest Jim Iuorio take an interesting dive into the world of Micros discussing how traders are using these futures contracts in a recent episode of “See the Futures”.

Topics discussed include:

  • Review of the Micro futures product suite and the choices available for the individual trader
  • Micro futures sizing versus the E-mini and classic-sized contracts
  • Examining the volume and liquidity in Micro futures products
  • Advantages of using Micro futures
  • Charting and analysis of Micro Futures Equity Indices –
  • Micro S&P500
    Micro Nasdaq-100
    – Micro Russell 2000
    – Micro Dow Jones Industrial Average

  • Using Micros to hedge existing positions in other asset classes
  • Examples of using the Micro E-mini-S&P500 to hedge an options position
  • Understanding Micro Treasury Yields and what that means for traders

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