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MT5 build 3550 broken launching on Linux through wine. How to solve? – Other – 19 December 2022


Dec 19, 2022
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MT5 latest build as of 3550 is broken when launch on Linux with wine. It will launch then close itself shortly after.

The solution is to use winehq-devel (may be winehq-staging works but I didn’t test it).

By using devel package, we opt to use the bleeding edge of development version of wine.
Thing to be aware is that devel package might be unstable at times, but at least it can launch MT5 without problem while we’re waiting for stable version of wine to be released to be compatible to work with MT5, or wait for Metaquotes to fix the issue. The latter is unlikely.

Anyhow, as of this writing it is 8.0-rc1 as compared to stable version that failed to launch that is at 7.0.1.

Option 1

For the case of user who wants to manually execute the commands, and know each steps clearly.

Follow the following steps

  1. Back up your wine prefix directory which is normally at ~/.wine or ~/.mt5 (if you install via MT5 installation script) to another location e.g. ~/.mt5-backup. Use the command like cp -av ~/.mt5 ~/.mt5-backup. This is for safety and to make wine’s environment / system setting intact. If something bad happens, you can fall back to use it later.
  2. sudo apt update
    This will update the package meta data from upstream making it ready to install.
  3. sudo apt install winehq-devel
    This will automatically remove winehq-stable package first as most users use thus have problem launching MT5 as mentioned, then install winehq-devel package for us. So it replaces wine version you have currently.
    Wine will only allow one variant of installation be it stable, devel, or staging. Install one of it means remove what you currently have.
  4. Launch MT5 normally.


Option 2

For the case of user who just wants to simply install MT5 and wine altogether that just work.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Download the script as seen from this page.
  2. Modify the script file mt5ubuntu.sh from
  3. Follow the less of the steps from such page.


Image and article originally from www.mql5.com. Read the original article here.