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Why the media are adding crypto reporters

ByChris Roush

Aug 9, 2022
Why the media are adding crypto reporters


A number of publishers are hiring reporters to cover cryptocurrency, reports Sara Guaglione of Digiday. In addition to Fortune, Bloomberg, Forbes, Gizmodo and Money are growing their dedicated blockchain and crypto teams.

Guaglione reports, “‘When things are going down, it’s even more important to have good credible, rigorous, comprehensive coverage of those things,’ said Stacy-Marie Ishmael, who was named Bloomberg’s managing editor for crypto last September.

“It’s a lesson she said she learned from covering the financial crisis in 2008. ‘When markets are declining…that’s when people really need better information, better news, better data and better reporting. Bear markets are a great time to help people figure out what’s going on,’ Ishmael said.

“Nearly a year after she became the first person hired for Bloomberg’s dedicated crypto team, Ishmael has added more than a dozen people to join her. Two more reporters are starting next month.”

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