• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

10 Dividend Growth Stocks For July 2022

10 Dividend Growth Stocks For July 2022


Welcome to another edition of my monthly series of 10 Dividend Growth Stocks. In this series, I rank a
selection of dividend growth stocks in Dividend Radar and present the ten top-ranked stocks for further research and possible investment. 
To rank stocks, I determine quality scores using DVK Quality Snapshots and sort them in descending order,
breaking ties with additional metrics.

This month, I’m presenting discounted stocks with high 5-year dividend growth rates [DGRs] and high 5-year trailing total returns [TTRs]. Every stock trades at least 10% below my risk-adjusted Buy Below prices. 

The latest Dividend Radar (dated July 15, 2022) contains 730 stocks. Of these, 326 pass my DGR screen, 289 pass my TTR screen, and 266 are discounted relative to my Buy Below price. Only nineteen stocks pass all these screens.

I ranked the nineteen candidates and present the 10 top-ranked stocks for

Please read this article at Seeking Alpha to see the ten top-ranked dividend growth stocks for July 2022. As usual, I provide fair value estimates and key metrics for each of these stocks. 


Image and article originally from divgro.blogspot.com. Read the original article here.