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REITs that may be most impacted by Interest Rate Hikes


Jul 21, 2022
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The US Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points on June 15, 2022, which is the biggest hike in 28 years. Coupled with post-pandemic recovery, this raises the question: How will REITs be impacted by the Interest Rate Hike? This will depend on the REIT, and many factors, not limiting but including:

  • REIT Sector (Retail, Office, Industrial etc.)
  • Sponsor of REIT (Stronger sponsors tend to attain better refinancing deals)
  • Market Capitalization (The bigger the REIT, generally the more resilient its portfolio)
  • Historical performance
  • Debt Maturity Length (Weighted Average)
  • Cost of Debt (Weighted Average)
  • Gearing Ratio
  • % of Fixed Rate Debt


Generally, by combining the market capitalisation, gearing ratio, debt maturity profile and all-in interest cost, these can give investors insights on how big the interest rate hike impacts the future DPU of REITs.

In the bubble chart below, REITs with short WADM would have to refinance the debt at the highest interest rate and that will further compress the spread of DPU yield and cost of debt.

The most risky combination would be high gearing and short WADM as the REITs would probably face challenges to keep the cost of debt manageable during the refinancing exercise, as the credit rating may be downgraded due to a weaker balance sheet. The reputation of the sponsor and its market capitalisation would be very crucial at this juncture. 



x-axis: Weighted Average Debt Maturity (Years)

y-axis: Weighted Average Cost of Debt (Years)

Bubble Size: Gearing Ratio (The bigger the bubble the higher the gearing ratio, in green) and Market Cap (in yellow)

For comparison, Digital Core REIT (26.0%) and ARAHT (44.9%).

Bubble Chart of Cost of Debt vs WADM (Years). Size of bubble represents Gearing Ratio
Bubble Chart of Cost of Debt vs WADM (Years). Size of bubble represents Market Cap

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