• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

7 Dividend Growth Stocks For June 2022

7 Dividend Growth Stocks For July 2022


Welcome to another edition of my monthly 7 Dividend Growth Stocks series!

Every month, I select seven dividend growth stocks from my Dividend Radar watch list for further analysis and possible investment. I use different monthly screens to highlight various aspects of dividend growth [DG] investing.
To compile this month’s candidates, I used Portfolio Insight‘s screening tool to find stocks with dividend increase streaks of at least 14 years and 10-year trailing total returns of at least 20%.

The first screen eliminates stocks of companies that cut, suspended, or froze their dividends during the Great Recession. The second screen looks for stocks that have performed exceptionally well over the past decade. Total return accounts for price appreciation and dividend income and is annualized over the trailing period in question, in this case, ten years

I ranked candidates that passed my screens using DVK Quality Snapshots and ranking system.

To see this month’s seven top-ranked stocks, please read this article at TheStreet.com.

Please note that I publish a similar monthly series, 10 Dividend Growth Stocks, on Seeking Alpha. I use different screens for each article series, so they won’t cover the same stocks. 


Image and article originally from divgro.blogspot.com. Read the original article here.