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Almanac Trader — First Trading Day of July Most Bullish Day of Year


Jul 28, 2022


the past 21 years from 2001-2021 July’s first trading has the second-best record
up 85.7% of the time on the S&P 500 with an average gain of 0.35%. Only August’s
third to last trading has a better record up 19 of 21.

first trading day of July has produced gains 76.2% of the time with an average
gain of 0.30%. NASDAQ has been slightly weaker at 76.2% (0.24% average gain). July’s
first trading day is the third best performing first trading day of all twelve
months based upon DJIA points gained with DJIA gaining a cumulative 1,346.32 points
since 1998.

back even further to 1989, S&P 500 has advanced 87.9% of the time (up 20
times in 33 years) with an average gain of 0.49%. DJIA has advanced 27 times in
the same 33 years (81.8%) and NASDAQ has risen in 25 of those years (75.8%) with
an average advance of 0.32% in all years. No other day of the year exhibits
this amount of across-the-board strength which makes a solid case for declaring
the first trading day of July the most bullish day of the year over the past 33


Image and article originally from jeffhirsch.tumblr.com. Read the original article here.