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Beginning Of The End Of Putin? Opposition Leader Says ‘He Is Falling Apart And He Is Clearly Aware Of It’

ByShanthi Rexaline

Dec 18, 2022
Beginning Of The End Of Putin? Opposition Leader Says 'He Is Falling Apart And He Is Clearly Aware Of It'


As the Ukraine war rages on for over 10 months now, Russian citizens are reportedly becoming increasingly disgruntled with President Vladimir Putin’s continued military operations against their smaller neighbor.

What Happened: For the first time, Russians feel they can no longer trust Putin, given the unpalatable combination of economic sanctions, siphoning off of funds for war and compulsory military drafting, the Daily Beast said in a report.

The Kremlin’s attempt to present Putin as a “strong and decisive” leader is falling flat, the report said. The president’s annual press conference has reportedly been canceled for the first time in years.

The publication also noted a growing desire by Russians for a return to stability. Vera Aleksandrovna, a St. Petersburg lawyer, told the Daily Beast, “Russia, just like any other nation, wants to live a stable life without feeling ashamed of our Moscow leadership. Before the war Putin guaranteed us a stable life, but now he tells us that life in Russia will be good only in 10 years.”

Former World chess champion, Garry Kasparov, seems to see the endgame for the president of Russia. “Putin is absolute evil, he has gone insane after 22 years in power; but in his bones he must understand that he cannot go on ruling Russia, when the war ends and dozens of thousands of angry soldiers return home with arms, feeling robbed,” he reportedly said.

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Polls Confirm Loss Of Support For Putin: Less than 30% of the Russians want the war to continue, Daily Beast said, citing a Kremlin-controlled poll.

Putin’s decision to start the war will likely lead to his political demise, Yulia Galiamina, a Moscow-based opposition politician, reportedly said. Now his days are “really numbered,” he is falling apart, and he is clearly aware of it, she added.

“The Kremlin canceling Putin’s big press conference is a sign: they realize how hopeless their situation is—this is a dead end, his plan has failed in Ukraine,” well-known Kremlin observer Olga Bychkova said, according to the report.

Photo: Courtesy of Prachatai on flickr.


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