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Biden’s Crypto Regulatory Framework Is Good News, Says Binance CEO

ByBibhu Pattnaik

Sep 18, 2022
Biden's Crypto Regulatory Framework Is Good News, Says Binance CEO


The White House on Friday published the framework for cryptocurrencies, outlining how crypto regulations in the U.S. will be handled.

Last year, President Joe Biden directed the government to study cryptocurrency to ensure responsible digital asset development. 

Sections of the framework include “Protecting Consumers, Investors, and Businesses,” “Promoting Access to Safe, Affordable Financial Services,” “Fostering Financial Stability,” “Advancing Responsible Innovation,” “Reinforcing Our Global Financial Leadership and Competitiveness,” “Fighting Illicit Finance,” and “Exploring a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).”

Crypto firms across the U.S. eagerly await clarity about the new crypto policy. However, there are a lot of things that are still unclear to the community. 

Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao said he was glad to see this latest step by the Biden administration. 

The White House Office of Science Technology and Policy has published a report assessing the technical aspects of a digital dollar.

Zhao has said that Binance is working to comply with future regional regulations.

Zhao also said that he welcomes the opportunity to work with regulators.

Similarly, the Commerce Department’s report has addressed competitiveness. 

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The Justice Department said it would launch a “Digital Asset Coordinator Network” to investigate and prosecute crypto-related crimes. 

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