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How former Highs & Lows filter UniMA EA setups – Trading Systems – 9 August 2022


Aug 9, 2022
How former Highs & Lows filter UniMA EA setups - Trading Systems - 9 August 2022



The Universal Moving Average Expert Filters avoid opening trades triggered by the basic setup explained in part 1 >>

Filters that improve the result are found optimizing in the setting  FilterTest and then given in in the set Filters. 

The Filters add a condition to trigger a trade.

Most of these conditions refer to the lines the EA draws into the chart, Highs & Lows of former days, weeks & months.

The lines drawn in the chart are the same as explained in the free indicator: Resistance Support Levels >> 

The list below shows what means a filter number.

In best case setting a filter improves the backtest result – and hopefully the live trading result.

A good example is the filter nr 48 in the latest set file for GBPUSD M5 sell scalping.

Nr 48 exceeds: c1<hhm2  – close of the last finished candle (c1) must be below the highest high of month 2

A close over that high would mean that the symbol is in a strong medium term uptrend.

It is nearly self explaining that opening sell trades in that case should cause loss. 

A several years backtest with & without that filter shows the high impact of that filter for the trading result.

Of course there’s also win trades suppressed by the filter, but the overall result improves a lot with the filter.

But the use of that filter means that as long as the price is over that 2 month high there’s no trade triggered – that may last several month.

In a system trading only this one symbol and strategy this would be fairly bad – but as we trade a handful or more symbols it is no problem.

But the filters also allow to optimize for just that case that in the “general” setting is suppressed:

Activating filter 47: c1>=hhm2 would show in a backtest with the given settings of the  “general” setting a overall loss, of course.

But modifying the “general” settings may lead to a backtest with profit even in that special market fase.

This just to give you an idea what is possible.

Right now and already for several months many USD related currency pairs are under llm2 (lowest low of month 2).

Maybe it makes sense to create 2 set files for the same chart, one with c1<llm2 set as condition (current situation) and one with  c1>=llm2 (filter 45)

Maybe with different setting for SL & TP etc. the overall test result for both cases can be improved (a lot).

I’ll check that later.

For now I go to holidays this weekend, I’ll be offline until Aug. 24. 

Then more info will follow.

Good trades!  🙂

Filter number  Filter condition

   01 c1>=hhd1

   02 c1<hhd1



   03 c1>=hld1


   04 c1<hld1



   05 c1>=lld1


   06 c1<lld1



   07 c2>=o2


   08 c2<o2



   09 c3>=o3


   10 c3<o3




   11 c1>=hhd2


   12 c1<hhd2



   13 c1>=lld2


   14 c1<lld2



   15 c1>=hhd3


   16 c1<hhd3



   17 c1>=lld3


   18 c1<lld3




   21 c1>=hhw1


   22 c1<hhw1



   23 c1>=hlw1


   24 c1<hlw1



   25 c1>=llw1


   26 c1<llw1 



   27 h1==hhd  – current high must be the high of the current day


   28 h1!=hhd  –  current high must not be the high of the current day



   29 l1==lld   –  current low must be the low of the current day


   30 l1!=lld   –  current low must not be the low of the current day




   31 c1>=hhw2


   32 c1<hhw2



   33 c1>=llw2


   34 c1<llw2



   35 c1>=hhw3


   36 c1<hhw3



   37 c1>=llw3


   38 c1<llw3



   39 c1>=hhw4


   40 c1<hhw4



   41 c1>=llw4


   42 c1<llw4




   43 c1>=hhm1


   44 c1<hhm1



   45 c1>=llm1


   46 c1<llm1



   47 c1>=hhm2


   48 c1<hhm2



   49 c1>=llm2


   50 c1<llm2


From nr 50 on the filters are more complicated. Here an example, Filter 51, it sums up 3 conditions.

More info about the compound filters later.


   51  (hhd<hhd1) + (hhd1<hhd2) + (lld>lld1)  – only when all 3 conditions are met the EA suppresses a trade


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