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Introduction to Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics – Trading Systems – 18 August 2022


Aug 18, 2022
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Introduction to Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics

EFW Analytics was designed to accomplish the statement “We trade because there are regularities in the financial market”. EFW Analytics is a set of tools designed to maximize your trading performance by capturing the repeating fractal geometry, known as the fifth regularity in the financial market. The functionality of EFW Analytics consists of three parts including:

1. Equilibrium Fractal Wave Index: exploratory tool to support your trading logic to choose which ratio to trade

2. Superimposed Pattern Detection as turning point analysis

3. Superimposed Channel for market prediction with Golden ratio expansion

4. Superimposed Channel for market prediction with whole number expansion

5. Equilibrium Fractal Wave (EFW) Channel detection

6. Superimposed Channel Rating (Higher rating = higher predictive power)

EFW Analytics provide the graphic rich and fully visual trading styles. In default trading strategy, you will be looking at the combined signal from Superimposed pattern + EFW Channel or Superimposed pattern + Superimposed Channel. In addition, you can perform many more trading strategies in a reversal and breakout mode. You can also run two different timeframes in one chart to enforce your trading decision. Sound alert, email and push notification are built inside the indicator.

Below is the link to the EFW Analytics:


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