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Introduction to Excessive Momentum Indicator – Trading Systems – 11 August 2022


Aug 11, 2022
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Momentum trading is often used by the experienced trader. One innovative way to use the momentum trading is to trade with the excessive momentum. Excessive momentum is the technique to identify unusually strong supply or unusually strong demand by analyzing the price series. Why do we need to care about the unusually strong supply or unusually strong demand in our trading? It is because unusually strong supply or unusually strong demand are the sign of the end of the current trend ( or birth of new trend). As you probably guess, when the new trend is born, you can ride the highest profit as possible. Hence, the excessive momentum can provide you the attractive entries for your trading.

Excessive Momentum Indicator provides you the ability to detect the excessive momentum in Forex and Stock chart. Let us start this simple introduction. Firstly, understand that the excessive momentum could possibly point out some anomaly movement or anomaly momentum in the market. To help your understanding, you can consider the insufficient momentum (i.e. exceptionally low volatility market or sideways market) as the opposite concept against excessive momentum. Our Excessive momentum indicator provides the automatic way of measuring the excessive momentum in your chart.

Once Excessive momentum is detected, then it will draw the Fibonacci Levels in the important area in your chart automatically. Then you can take this as your trading entry. It is simple and easy to trade. Most importantly, it is the powerful momentum indicator that alarm you the important trading entry and exit in advance.




You can watch this YouTube Video about this Excessive Momentum Indicator.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oztARcXsAVA

You can read the full article: introduction to Momentum Trading. In this article, you will find how to unlock the potential of the excessive momentum trading. In addition, this article will provide you some introduction to Volume Spread Analysis.



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