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Kim Jong Un’s North Korea Shares Space Imagery Of Seoul After Conducting ‘Final-Stage Test’ For Spy Satellite

ByNavdeep Yadav

Dec 19, 2022
Kim Jong Un's North Korea Shares Space Imagery Of Seoul After Conducting 'Final-Stage Test' For Spy Satellite


Kim Jong Un‘s North Korea, on Monday, confirmed that it conducted an “important final-stage test” test on Sunday for the development of a spy satellite — expected to be completed by April 2023 — amid tension with Washington and allies.

What Happened: North Korea’s National Aerospace Development Administration, or NADA, conducted the test to review its capability of satellite imaging, data transmission and ground control systems, reported the isolated nation’s state media KCNAWatch.

The state-owned media also released two low-resolution, black-and-white images of Seoul and its nearby port city of Incheon, which it claimed were taken during the test launch. 

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This announcement comes a day after U.S. allies Japan and South Korea said Pyongyang launched two intermediate-range ballistic missiles toward its east coast.

“We confirmed important technical indicators such as camera operating technology in the space environment, data processing and transmission ability of the communication devices, tracking and control accuracy of the ground control system,” a NADA spokesperson said. 

The spokesman called the test a “final gateway process of launching a reconnaissance satellite.”

Kim’s country on Friday tested a high-thrust solid-fueled rocket motor that would allow him to fire ballistic missiles more quickly and reliably in case of any adversary.

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