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Meet The New Platform Educating On Safe & Regulated Access To Microdosing Psychedelics

ByLara Goldstein

Aug 5, 2022
Meet The New Platform Educating On Safe & Regulated Access To Microdosing Psychedelics


As interest in psychedelics grows, the non-profit initiative titled Microdosing Collective has been launched to promote the regulated uses of psychedelics, supporting education around regulations to allow for legal, sub-perceptible microdosing for well-being purposes.

The organization believes that one potential path forward to providing access to safe psychedelics is to consider microdoses as over-the-counter wellness supplements under the scope of the FDA or a state-based system.

This new initiative points to the paradoxical fact that, while most clinical research studies work with mind-altering doses of psychedelics and existent state frameworks would allow for a high dosage as well, pathways for legal sub-perceptible doses of psychedelics currently do not exist.

That being so, the new Microdosing Collective aims at creating a legal avenue for microdosing psychedelics, yet not as a medical treatment, but as a wellness supplement.

Cofounder and drug policy attorney Joshua Kappel explained that the platform estimates “at least 600,000 people in the U.S. actively microdose psychedelic medicines.” He rightly expressed that the problem is that “none of these products are legal or guaranteed to be safe.”

On her behalf, cofounder Alli Shaper further clarified that the largest barrier to access for microdosing originates in all psychedelics’ current classification as a Schedule I drug.  

Shaper is also CEO and co-founder of fungi education program “Into The Multiverse”. Regarding FDA scheduling, she states that research shows that “when used correctly, with the right education and support, microdosing can have a massive positive impact on people’s lives.”

“The use of these supplementation protocols is on the rise for both mental health and human optimization with thousands of people reaping the benefits. Our goal is to provide a safe and legal channel for microdosing supplements, which is really a form of harm reduction and mitigation of the risks that come from cross contamination and incorrect dosing via underground channels,” she concluded.

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