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Physical Seminar: 2H 2022 Market Outlook @ Phillip Securities


Jul 23, 2022
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On 25th June 2022, I conducted a Physical Seminar where I shared the following:

  • 1H2022 Market Recap
    • S-REIT Index currently moving sideways
    • The economy is doing well, therefore Interest Rate Hike
    • Interest Rate is historically still at a low (especially compared to past GFCs)
  • How Interest Rate Hikes will affect S-REITs
    • Rental Income
      • Is generally increasing, can lead to increased distribution
    • Cost of Debt
      • REITs with high gearing ratios and short WADM more affected, REITs have to refinance at higher rates
    • Compression of Yield Spread
      • Notable increase in Government Bond Yields (close to 3% currently), minimal increase in REIT yields
    • Share Prices, REIT Index
      • During the previous rate hike, the REIT Index continued to do well
  • 4 Pains for REITs Investors
    • Dealing with Rights Issues
      • Either fork out cash, or your holdings will dilute
    • Inability to Participate in Private Placements
    • Odd Lots when participating in DRPs
      • Trading commissions and spread are very high for odd lots
    • Monthly RSP not feasible with small amounts
      • Brokerage Fee is nearly consistent, regardless of trading amount
    • How to overcome the 4 Pains of REIT Investing
  • S-REITs 2H2022 Investing Strategy
    • What are your Personal Objectives?
    • Focus on fundamentals
  • Investment solutions
    • If you want to have a peace of mind while you invest (in REITs, or in other asset classes), and do not want to deal with the 4 pains, I can help you to manage your investment portfolio. Contact me here!
Kenny Loh is a Associate Wealth Advisory Director and REITs Specialist of Singapore’s top Independent Financial Advisor. He helps clients construct diversified portfolios consisting of different asset classes from REITs, Equities, Bonds, ETFs, Unit Trusts, Private Equity, Alternative Investments, Digital Assets and Fixed Maturity Funds to achieve an optimal risk adjusted return. Kenny is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, SGX Academy REIT Trainer, Certified IBF Trainer of Associate REIT Investment Advisor (ARIA) and also invited speaker of REITs Symposium and Invest Fair.  You can join my Telegram channel #REITirement – SREIT Singapore REIT Market Update and Retirement related news. https://t.me/REITirement


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