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Quick Guide for Harmonic Pattern

This article provides a guide for Harmonic Pattern and Harmonic Pattern Indicator used in Forex and Stock market. Harmonic Pattern Plus detects the reversal (turning point) patterns in your chart automatically. The software will recommend you to the potential entry and exit for your trading at turning point. With some discretionary thinking together, using Harmonic Pattern Plus is the profitable and convenient way for your trading. With a lot of automation, you have very little work to do for your trading. Harmonic Pattern Plus was evolved for many years to meet the needs for the professional traders. As a result, Harmonic Pattern Plus contains many different features and functionalities in one software. Because of this comprehensive feature, starters can get little frustrated at the beginning. However, it is important to remember that everyone evolve to different stage and different mind-set in his or her trading career. It is better not assume anything too quick. As your skills improve with your trading, you will be glad that Harmonic Pattern Plus offers those features and functionalities for your trading. Obviously, there are clear reasons that those feature and functionality are there. You may not see the benefit now but you can see the benefits in the future. Just avoid making too quick assumption or judgement on the software just after few days of using them. It is important to remember that you do not have to use all of features and functionalities at the same time. You will likely to use some features and functionalities depending on your experience and preferences. Please switch off rest of feature and functionality and only leave the features best suit for your needs. In this article, we provide brief description of features in Harmonic Pattern Plus.

Important Note: This document is applicable to Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner too. So you can read it if you are Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner User.

1. Automatic Reversal (turning point) Pattern Detection

It is the primary function of Harmonic Pattern Plus. Once the reversal (turning point) pattern is detected, you can anticipate the turning point in the market. It is not bulletproof strategy but many professional trader uses these patterns successfully in the financial market. Since each pattern show the direction of trading, it is not difficult to follow each pattern for your trading.

You can read full article here. This article explains everything about Harmonic Pattern and Harmonic Pattern Indicator.

Harmonic Pattern Plus is a repainting but powerful pattern scanner with tons of professional features. It also provides the pattern completion zone to manage your trading risk.

Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is a repainting but predictive pattern scanner. It is the most advanced Harmonic Pattern Scanner available in the market. Of course, it comes with tons of professional features too. It also provides the pattern completion zone to manage your trading risk.

X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the non repainting and non lagging Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave pattern. This pattern scanner provide you a lot of advantage for your trading from its non repainting and non lagging pattern detection algorithm. This is our next generation chart pattern scanner. At the same time, you can customize each pattern structure to find the most optimal trading entry and exit. It also provides the pattern completion zone to manage your trading risk.


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