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US Indices at Crossroads – Ray Barros’ Blog for Trading Success


Jul 24, 2022
US Indices at Crossroads – Ray Barros' Blog for Trading Success


I’ll use the S&P to illustrate the US Indices picture

S&P, Cash, Weekly, chart through the courtesy of MarketAnalyst

The chart above, the 13-week swing (quarterly trend), shows a potential sideways structure in the making. As the S&P, cash, moved into the Primary Sell Zone, the weekly volume has declined.

S&P, Cash, Daily, chart through the courtesy of MarketAnalyst

I have placed a 14-day ATR on the daily chart.  Even more pronounced than the volume decline is the decline in range.

Normally, I’d be looking for a shorting opportunity – we see zone and setup. However, we have the FED and trader sentiment to contend with. We have seen before this pattern of:

  • a grinding uptrend
  • accompanied by declining volume and range

Have a look at an S&P chart for August 2016 to January 2018.

The reason why prices rose without worrying about the bears was due to QE. Can it be that traders will see in a Powell FED the same sort of policies?

I’ll be wanting to see some evidence of a FED forced to raise rates or evidence that bears have re-entered before taking any shorts.


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