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Elliott Wave Indicator for Objective Elliott Wave Trading – Trading Systems – 31 July 2022


Jul 31, 2022
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Elliott Wave is popular Trading strategy in the trading world. The Elliott Wave Theory was originally developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott. It was populated by Robert Prechter. 

In the original Elliott Wave Theory, Ralph Nelson Elliott left three Wave rules in counting Elliott Wave. A correct Elliott Wave counting must observe three rules:

  • Wave 2 never retraces more than 100% of wave 1.
  • Wave 3 cannot be the shortest of the three impulse waves, namely waves 1, 3 and 5.
  • Wave 4 does not overlap with the price territory of wave 1, except in the rare case of a diagonal triangle formation.

These three rules are the very general statement about the movement of the financial market. There are a lot of subjectivity when we apply these original rules in trading. Hence, we do not recommend you to trade with these general rules.

In practice, we need more specific and objective rules instead of above general rules. Yes, we will follow the general rules but we will measure the accuracy of Wave Pattern Structure to eliminate bad Elliott Wave patterns in trading.

Elliott Wave Trend is the first indicator that provides the objective measurement around the Elliott Wave pattern structure. Wave structural score will guide you to trade with more accurate and defined Elliott Wave pattern structure. Two Wave structural scores we are using are:

1)  Impulse Wave Structure Score (IWS Score) – measure the accuracy of Impulsive Elliott Wave in percents. For example, IWS Score can be used to detect Elliott Wave 123, Elliott Wave 1234 or Elliott Wave 12345 patterns.

2)  Corrective Wave Structure Score (CWS Score) – measure the accuracy of Corrective Elliott Wave in percents. For example, CWS Score can be used to detect Corrective Wave ABC patterns.

With these two Wave Structure Score, you can identify the correct Elliott wave patterns from many candidate Wave patterns.

Of course, in Elliott Wave Trend, these two Wave Score will be automatically calculated and presented for your trading. In addition, Elliott Wave Trend presents you candidate Wave patterns automatically so that you do not have to spend time on drawing these patterns manually.

In the screenshot below, we shows the Elliott Wave 12345 pattern with IWS Score of 89.9% (IWS Score > CWS Score). With this high Wave Structure score for Elliott Wave 12345 pattern, you have a high chance to spot the market turning point correctly.

Elliott Wave Trend is the Advanced Elliott Wave Indicator for your trading. Stay with Objective Elliott Wave Trading for the best possible trading performance.

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