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Aug 10, 2022
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Non Repainting and Non Lagging Harmonic Pattern Scanner

X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the world first Non Repainting and Non Lagging Harmonic Pattern Scanner. Harmonic pattern indicator and scanner help you to automatically detect the Harmonic Patterns like Gartley Pattern, Butterfly Pattern, Bat Pattern, Crab Pattern, Cypher Pattern, 5-0 Pattern and so on. If you have used the automated Harmonic Pattern Scanner, then you probably know some specific facts about the harmnic pattern indicators in regards to repainting. Repaintng is a fact you should know about when you buy Harmonic Pattern indicators and Scanners on the internet. It does not matter which website you get from or which company you get from or what price you get from, the automated Harmonic Pattern indicator and Scanner can be repainting and if not, then they will lag behind the actual Harmonic Pattern signal. In addition, they will not show the fully synchronized real time signal like you can observe the historical signals in your chart. This can confuse the real trading performance or success rate of your trading strategy with Harmonic Pattern.

Despite of the fact that many trader uses Harmonic Pattern indicators and Scanners, this happens due to the technological limitation. Harmonic Pattern provides the fast signal entry comparing to other techncial indicator. Instead of this fast signal, they are repainting. Hence, there is a trade off between the fast signal and repainting. Think about the moving average or other technical indiactor. In terms of the trading signal, they mostly lags behind the actual turning point due to the smoothing algorithm used in the techncial indicator. This is to say that it is very hard to build the Harmonic Pattern Detection indicator that gives you the fast trading signal without repainting. Even if someone build that non repainting Harmonic Pattern indicator, finding the consistency between real time signal and historical signals are another story. But everyone want to have this sort of dream Harmonic Pattern Indicator even though techncially such a harmonic pattern indicator is really hard to build.

After the intensive research, X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the game changer for everyone. It does not repaint or lag. It will provide you pattern at turning point but you do not have to worry about if incomplete harmonic pattern will disappear from the chart or not.  It will provide the real trading signal as you can see in the historical signals in your chart. You can backtest your trading logic with any secondary confirmation from your chart. Hence, you can base your trading entry and exits as you perceived from your chart. In another words, you can trade as you see from your chart. All other Harmonic Pattern scanner does not provide this sort of direct backtesting capability in your chart.

As a bonus, X3 Chart Pattern Scanner provides around 52 Japanese candlestick patterns + Advanced automatic channel function to improve your trading performance. Of course, there are tons of other powerful features for your trading. You can find those features from the landing page of X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. Below is the link to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Here are some YouTube Videos about Non Repainting Harmonic Pattern Scanner. This Youtube video will explain some features of X3 Chart Pattern Scanner, the non repainting, non lagging harmonic pattern and Elliott Wave pattern indicator. Please watch the video to find out more about the non repainting Harmonic Pattern indicator.

However, if you do not mind repainting or historical backtesting, then we provide the powerful Harmonic Pattern indicator at affordable price. For example, Harmonic Pattern Plus and Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner are the repainting Harmonic Pattern Indicator with tons of powerful features. You can have a look what powerful features are included inside Harmonic Pattern Plus and Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner from the link below. Most importantly, they come at affordable price and they are easy to use. Please have a look at the link below.


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