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You Get What You (Don’t) Pay For

ByJeff Bishop

Aug 19, 2022
You Get What You (Don’t) Pay For


When running a business, one of the most important things you must do is keep close tabs on the competition.

LIKE ANY BUSINESS, however, the best companies aren’t just going to give an excellent product and quality service away for no cost.

Now, I know the internet has changed the way consumers digest information.

But there is also a danger in that, especially when it comes to investing advice. 

I have seen tweens with the ability to brand themselves as “expert” traders just because they have savvy computer skills.

The sad reality, though, is that, “Everyone is a genius in a bull market.” 

Those aren’t my words, they’re actually part of a larger quote from Mark Cuban

Folks, those so called experts blindly pumping their ideas on Twitter and discord have ZERO accountability. 

NO ONE to answer to, and they can simply run and change their handle when they’re wrong

You think they are going to walk you through the good and the bad, on a set time schedule, using video, print, web, and mobile app resources EVERY TRADING DAY?

Do you think they’re building connections with people as powerful as this guy?

gurus at nascar

Do you think they’re getting granular with people, providing direction like this when it’s requested of them?


Do you think they’re paying boatloads of $$$ to build and maintain powerful trade idea generation tools that YOU can customize to fit YOUR needs?

hihg octane scanner dashboard

Folks, I know the market’s been rallying recently, but the majority of top Wall Street strategists believe the market’s actually getting ready for the next leg lower in 2022’s bear market.

You know how many bear markets I’ve made it though in my 20+ year career as a trader and educator?

6 major bear cycles and countless bearish corrections.

You know who else has been accountable for their decisions and who have built big followings as leaders throughout the past several YEARS of turbulent market conditions?

All of RagingBull’s gurus who are now part of the MOST EXCITING daily lineup of educators and idea generators in the industry.

360 wall street schedule

Don’t believe me?

Take it from a retail trader just like yourself:


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